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Flexible rapid door in Morocco

Flexible rapid door ActiveCold40

Welcome to Makrodoor, your trusted partner for rapid doors in Morocco. In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of rapid doors, as well as why they are essential for improving the efficiency and safety of your business in Morocco.

Flexible rapid door in Morocco

Flexible rapid door ActiveCold40

4000 x 4600 mm
Up to 2,5 m/s
classe 2
of -40 to +70 C°

Belonging to the Active family, it is a door designed to divide and isolate two environments with completely different temperatures. The system is equipped with two separate sheets with a hot air blower, thus allowing the creation of an isolated air chamber. With this system, it is possible to achieve, under certain conditions, very low temperatures down to -40°C.

ActiveCold40 has a very fast opening and closing time. This reduces air leaks and helps optimize operating costs for the protected environment.

Download the technical data sheet

For various types of usage of this product, please address your request to our sales department to propose the suitable product for your needs.

Sectors of Use
Food Industry
Fishing Industry
Cold Chain Industry


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