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Flexible rapid door in Morocco

Flexible rapid door ActivePharma

Welcome to Makrodoor, your trusted partner for rapid doors in Morocco. In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of rapid doors, as well as why they are essential for improving the efficiency and safety of your business in Morocco.

Flexible rapid door in Morocco

Flexible rapid door ActivePharma

3500 x 3500 mm
Up to 2,5 m/s
classe 2
-18 à +70 C°

Specially designed for laboratories that require very pure air free of particles or separate sterile environments in overpressure. It has a perfect seal against the pressure difference between the two environments, minimizing the entry of contaminants, moisture, dust, or volatile particles that can be harmful to pharmaceutical, mechanical, or electronic laboratories.

ActivePharma has a very fast opening and closing time. This minimizes the exchange of air between controlled environments and at the same time contributes to optimizing operating costs for the protected environment.

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For various types of usage of this product, please address your request to our sales department to propose the suitable product for your needs.

Sectors of Use
Controlled Pressure
Clean Rooms
Chemical Industries
Food Industry


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