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Dock Accessories in Morocco

Dock Bumper

A dock bumper, also known as a dock buffer, is an essential element of loading and unloading dock infrastructure in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics sites. Its main function is to protect the loading dock and the building from potential damage caused by trucks or trailers during loading and unloading maneuvers.

Dock Accessories in Morocco

Vehicle Wheel Guides

Vehicle wheel guides are devices installed on loading docks to guide the wheels of vehicles during the parking maneuver. They play a crucial role in the precise positioning of trucks or trailers relative to the dock, which helps facilitate safe loading and unloading.

Dock Accessories in Morocco

Protective Bollard

A protective bollard is a safety element used to delineate or protect certain areas or objects in an industrial, commercial, or public environment. These bollards are designed to withstand shocks and impacts, thus contributing to the safety of the premises and the prevention of material damage or accidents.

Hold-down systems for vehicles and chocks
Loading Dock Bumpers
Other Loading Dock Accessories

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