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Rapid flexible door in Morocco

Rapid flexible door F Hangar 1+

Welcome to Makrodoor, your trusted partner for fast doors in Morocco. In this article, we will explore the advantages and applications of fast doors, as well as why they are essential to improving the efficiency and safety of your business in Morocco.

Rapid flexible door in Morocco

Rapid flexible door F Hangar 1+

38000 x 25000 mm
Up to 0,5 m/s
classe 4
Of -25 à +70 C°

Double sheet lattice folding door, ideal for large closures such as aerospace hangars, space sector, nautical applications, as well as in the mining sector, capable of withstanding strong winds, temperatures, and sometimes extreme conditions.

All Hangar 1+ doors are designed to support heavy loads thanks to the double sheet. They are reliable doors, created to last over time with very low maintenance management. It withstands heavy industrial wear and tear and has low maintenance costs.

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For different types of usage of this product, please address your request to our commercial department in order to propose the suitable product for your needs.

Usage sectors
Heavy Industry
Waste Management


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