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Industrial doors allow quick, efficient, and secure access to your industrial sites at the entrances of warehouses, production sites, and even commercial spaces. Industrial doors are not just doors. Their scope continues to expand, choices multiply, and materials diversify more and more. Here is an overview of the different models of industrial sectional doors in Morocco.

Industrial sectional doors in Morocco are devices used to close typically large openings, arranged to allow the passage of vehicles and people. They can be installed on the facade or within buildings. In a professional environment, the use of industrial doors must comply with regulations: French regulations require floor markings, flashing lights, and area lighting when installing automatic or semi-automatic doors on the premises.

The Moroccan industrial sectional door consists of several hinged panels. It functions like a large roller blind: the panel moves upwards under the building’s roof, leaving the opening completely unobstructed. The combined door mounting position should be as close as possible to the partition and equipped with a powerful motor. It is typically made of materials particularly resistant to corrosion such as steel or aluminum. They are also made of glass to bring additional natural light to the building.

Moroccan industrial sectional doors for separation are suitable for all types of buildings, all types of internal and external configurations. A powerful and silent motor system, an ergonomic control system, and easy-to-assemble operation should maximize user comfort.

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